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TOYO HEISEI POLYMER CO., LTD. specializes in manufacturing, selling and processing high quality and convenient-to-use packaging material made of synthetic resins.

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Offices and plants in Japan


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Head Office
2591 Shimoinayoshi, Kasumigaura-shi,
Ibaraki 315-0052, Japan
General Affairs Department  TEL:81-29-830-0234 FAX:81-29-831-7569
Plant             TEL:81-29-831-1361 FAX:81-29-831-6751
Inquiry about products , please contact nearest factories or sales offices.

Business OfficesFukushima Plant
1-61 Yoshima-Kougyoudannchi, Iwaki-shi,,
Fukushima 970-1144, Japan
TEL:81-246-36-1777 FAX:81-246-36-1788

Tokyo Sales Office
4-9, Nihonbashikodenmacho, chuo-ku,
Tokyo, 103-0001, Japan
TEL:81-3-5623-9557 FAX:81-3-5623-9558

Osaka Sales Office
9/F Irishouyagi, 2-3-9 Kitahama, Chuou-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 541-0041, Japan
TEL:81-6-6201-3106 FAX:81-6-6222-2035

Kochi Plant
2-2-25 Hagi-machi, Kochi-shi,
Kochi 780-8006, Japan
TEL:81-88-831-6249 FAX:81-88-831-8423