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Custom Ground Sheet

 ●Ample space to maximize the effect of advertising.
 ●Just send printing data to THP, and a custom ground sheet is ready for production.
 ●Ground sheets of different sizes and price ranges are available to best fit your needs.
 ●All ground sheets are made in Japan, and delivered to you on short lead times.

●Ground Sheet
  This is a general-purpose ground sheet for outdoor use.

●Aluminum-evaporated ground sheet
  This type of ground sheet has excellent light blocking effects. It is
  suitable for beach use. It can also be used as a windshield sunshade if
  equipped with grommets and suction cups.

●Sheet & Bag
  This ground sheet can be folded into a simple bag.

Make arrangements with THP concerning details of your order: size, colors, quantity, finishing of edges, mode of packaging, and delivery date.

Provide printing data to THP. It will be converted into data for plate making.
*You can send print data to THP by email.

Upon the completion of print data conversion, THP will send you a reduced size color printout sample as a proof. Verify that there is no discrepancy in the design between your print data and the proof.

Upon verifying the proof you received, proofreading is completed. THP will then begin to make the printing plate.

THP requests you to be present on the day when printing is performed. Both parties should make final color adjustment together. Once the adjustment is completed and approved, printing is started.

The printed film is laminated, cut, folded, packaged, and finally shipped to you.

maile The inquiry is received by e-mail.