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Woven fabrics(by Product Name)

 Underground Marking Tape     Underground Marking Tape(standard type)
Underground Marking Tape(ECOKURO Sheet)
Underground Marking Tape(Altan Sheet)
 Laminated woven fabrics Original base fabric for a flexible containers (Shopolyn BS)
Original base fabric for a flexible containers (Shopolyn ED)
Original base fabric for woven bags
Shrinkable woven fabric (Pack Guard)
High-strength woven fabric for overlap packing
Barrier material
Ground sheet
 Split yarns New HOUSEN
FUYO (Yarn for a building floor, needle thread and bobbin thread)
FUYO (Machine sewing yarn)
Split yarn
 Woven fabrics Laminated woven fabric base (PE woven fabrics, PP woven fabrics, and biodegradable woven fabrics)
Original base fabric for carpets
Material for roofing
Sheet for engineering works (Allomer PP Sheet)
Woven fabric for planting

 Flat yarns Including PE tape, PP tape, biodegradable tape, and multilayer tape