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Film products(Packaging kind)

Sleeve packaging Sleeve packaging is a typical way of packaging articles in bundles without using corrugated cardboard. It finds extensive application in many fields such as food packaging.
 Three or four sided sealing
Three or four-sided sealing is a typical way of packaging long lengths of construction materials, paper, and corrugated cardboard.
 Pillow packaging Pillow packaging is used to individually package food items (e.g. precooked noodles) and everyday goods.
 Multi packaging Multi packaging is usually used to package containers of dairy products in bundles.
 Binding Binding is a way of packaging without heating films in a heat tunnel to shrink them. It is used to package DVD cases in bundles or is substituted for PP bands.
 Annular packaging
Annular packaging is used to package a bundle of electric wire or flexible tubes. In addition, it is used to completely seal a tire.
 Gusseted shrink wrapping     This is used to package cans in bundles. Two types of film are available: a shrink film and a stretched film.