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TOYO HEISEI POLYMER CO., LTD. specializes in manufacturing, selling and processing high quality and convenient-to-use packaging material made of synthetic resins.

Quality policy & Environmental policy


Quality policy

TOYO HEISEI POLYMER CO., LTD. (THP) is committed to our “Customer First” principle, and continues to offer products that,
   @conform to customer requirements and the uses or purposes of products,maximize customer
     satisfaction, and consistently ensure the highest degree of reliability,
   Aconform to applicable standards and specifications,
   Bmeet both social and environmental demands and achieve maximum harmony with society and the
     environment, and
   Cmaintain superiority in price competitiveness.

In order to offer such products, THP established a quality management system, and ensures that all THP’s employees understand, implement, and maintain such a system. In addition, THP continues to improve its quality management system and ensures the effective operation of the system.

Environmental policy

TOYO HEISEI POLYMER CO., LTD. (THP), with plants in Kochi City, Kasumigaura City, and Iwaki City, manufactures and sells films and woven fabrics for both industrial and consumer use. THP’s challenge is to bring our business into harmony and coexistence with the natural environment and with local communities. Furthermore,

 1.THP investigates and assesses the impact on the environment in the course of our business activities,
  reduces environmental impact, and prevents environmental pollution.
 2. THP sets a specific goal and objective when implementing environmental conservation activities for
  recycling, energy and resource saving, and the reduction in industrial waste.
 3. THP complies with applicable laws and regulations related to the environment, local ordinances,
  agreements with local communities, and other arrangements. In addition, THP defines our own
  self-management standards for environmental conservation activities and puts them into action.
 4. THP ensures that our environmental policy and environment management system are thoroughly known
  to all of THP’s employees and subcontractors.
 5. THP makes our environmental policy open to the public and accessible to anyone upon request.

June 18, 2018

Kuniaki Hagihara, President