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THP's Design and Development

In the flow from raw resin (polyethylene) to molding and the final product (physical properties), the relationship among the controlling or key factors such as the structure of polyethylene, viscoelasticity (rheology), molding, crystallization, and solid structure is summarized as below.

@Next, 2 simple examples are given below. First, the photo below is a polarized light microscopic photo of the cross section of a polypropylene sheet, which is 200ƒŹ in thickness. Spherulites are observed, and their sizes vary in its depthwise direction. So the transparency (haze and gloss) of the sheet can be examined based on this photo.

Next, the schematic model below shows a change of the solid structure of stretch tape before and after being stretched. Stretch tape is often used in synthetic woven fabrics. The red portion represents crystals, and the other portion represents amorphous regions. Samples are modeled as below based on the findings from a variety of analyses before and after stretch tape is stretched. When the tape is stretched, the crystals and the amorphous regions are oriented in the direction of stretch. In addition, according to the schematic model, the crystals (the red portion) increase, and the thickness of lamellae (thickness of the red portion) is made uniform. The physical properties of stretch tape can be examined based on its solid structure after being stretched.

THP conducts various analyses on the structure and physical properties for not only designing or developing a new product but also for further improving an existing product. In other words, THP closely links raw resin data, molding technique, and structural analysis together based on the expertise that resin suppliers and THP have gained over years, and addresses the growing needs of customers for better design and development of new products or further improvement of existing products.

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